HHD Imports

Great wines and alcohol brands.

Sharing world discoveries with the Canadian consumer.

HHD Imports

HHD Imports discovers great wines and alcohol brands. Including, Relax Riesling and Relax Bubbles to name a few. Great tasting products for the summer months are here!

Their passion and love of exploring the world for unique, high quality beverage alcohol products, inspired the birth of HHD Imports Inc. New regions are being explored, old regions re-visited, and on the basis of their expertise, the team at HHD is proud to share their discoveries with the Canadian consumer.

As a dynamic company, our philosophy is one of entering into long-term relationships with suppliers. Upon obtaining listings, we emphasize brand development and market presence. Promotional activity and media relations, coupled with nurturing and expanding our network of contacts in all sectors of the beverage alcohol industry, provide a sound foundation that will ensure corporate growth.


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