3 Brewers Richmond Hill

Focused on creating the perfect pint!

Craft Beer from Richmond Hill

3 Brewers Richmond Hill

The 3 Brewers are focused on creating the perfect pint! That’s why the 3 Brewers beer is brewed in-house utilizing a magical combination of art, science and dedication. Enjoy a pint of their traditional White or Blonde beers.

Historically a rich farming area, what we now know as Richmond Hill was once named Miles Hill. While the origin of its current name is a matter of some debate, one thing we know for sure is that by 1836 this fast growing community received a postmaster and that’s when the name Richmond Hill began to appear on maps. We admit a special fondness for Farmhouse Ale as it hails from our beautiful home country, France.

We’ve called this one Postal Farmhouse to honour both the community’s farming roots and the way it got its name.


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